Thank you to everyone who could come to the ceremony, and the dinner. Duncan and I were so happy to see most of our friends and family there gathered together.

John, you were an excellent best man, although, Duncan was not too impressed when you told everyone about the first time he went to kiss a girl, and how he missed!  Duncan would like everyone know that he no longer has that problem.

Jessica, Becky, and Ann, you were the best bridesmades ever! Thank you for your help throughout the wedding. Also, thank you for keeping most of your own stories about me, quiet.

Thank you mom and dad, and mom and dad, without all of you the whole wedding could never had happened. You were so helpful, and forthcoming with your money... hehehe, just kidding. But seriously, you are all great. From Duncan and myself, thank you.

Mike, you better be hiding well. When we asked you to be Master of Ceremonies (MC), we had no idea you would be able to dig up so many embarrassing stories about us! We will get you back Mike, mark my words! But seriously, great job.

Thank you father O-Reilly for performing such a wonderful ceremony.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, and share in our joy. Thank you all for your many words of advice, and in some cases, caution.

Thank you all again.